Review – Gambit: Once A Thief

Cover of Gambit: Once A ThiefGambit: Once A Thief, James Asmus, Clay Mann, Diogenes Neves

I vaguely remember Gambit from watching X-men cartoons as a kid, I think. But I don’t remember him well enough to just jump in like this and actually care about Gambit’s inconsequential adventures that’re his own damn fault for messing with stuff he doesn’t understand for the heck of stealing something. I mean, sure, if that’s Remy’s character, then… okay? But I know he has fans, and surely they’re for something more substantial than this? Right?

So yeah, not impressed with this. The art is great, but the stories are just… I had difficulty, honestly, remembering the names of the two dimensional characters he was running into.

Not one for me, I think.

Rating: 1/5

2 thoughts on “Review – Gambit: Once A Thief

  1. Gambit has a lot of fans based on how ’90s he was. Bad-boy anti-hero? Check. Mysterious past? Check. Hidden sensitive side? Check. Sex appeal? Check. I never much cared for him, so I didn’t much care for this series.

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