Review – The Miniaturist

Cover of The Miniaturist by Jessie BurtonThe Miniaturist, Jessie Burton
Received to review via NetGalley

I was pretty excited about The Miniaturist when I was approved for it. It’s received a lot of good reviews, good press, and a lot of buzz around the publishing squabbles over it, and it’s had comparisons to a lot of books I have enjoyed, including Sarah Waters’ work. Unfortunately, I really didn’t get into it. My only real interest was the story of the little miniature house: the bits of mystery and so on actually just… got on my nerves, really. That’s why I took so long to review it — that feeling that I wasn’t ‘getting’ the hype.

It’s not egregiously bad in any way I could put my finger on. I can see why the comparisons to Sarah Waters, etc. The writing is fine, and flows reasonably well. It’s not a bad idea for a story, though it perhaps doesn’t fit together the way I’d like. All in all, I’m just… underwhelmed. Sorry!

Rating: 2/5


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