Thursday Thoughts: Reader Problems

This week’s prompt from Ok, Let’s Read:

October 9: Reader Probs – What are some of the “whiny” problems you find yourself coming across as a reader? Do you deal with book hangovers often? How do you react when a character you like is killed off? Do certain books you might be reading effect your daily life? Do you catch yourself day dreaming about characters in your books? In other words, how is the magical world of reading ruining your life?

I have a problem with all media, and that’s that when I come to care a lot about a character, I then get reluctant to read/watch when anything bad happens to them. So I am several seasons behind on Supernatural, never made it past Kill Ari part two in NCIS, etc, etc. (Sometimes I get through this by reading spoilers.)

I wouldn’t say reading is really ruining my life, though. Unless it’s through procrastinating from transcription to read, so I end up transcribing at 3am instead of sleeping — or spending all the money earned through said transcription work. The daydreaming and so on does happen, and it keeps me interested while I have to stand and work at the clinic, or when I’m volunteering at an event. It’s even better when I’m volunteering at the library!

My main problems are just making sure I’ve got a book to hand at all times, and a light to read by…


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Reader Problems

  1. Yeah reading doesn’t mess with my life except when I SHOULD be doing other things but want to read instead. Heck blogging often takes up just as much time as reading. I can only imagine how much more time I would have to read if I didn’t blog but then I realize I actually read MORE now a days the past three years because of blogging.

  2. Yeah, making sure you have a book with you at all times is crucial. That’s why I like small paperbacks and my Kindle – they’re very portable!
    What kind of transcription work do you do? I read when I should be working as well, it’s a huge problem if you’re a freelancer and have deadlines to keep 🙂

    • I love my Kobo for that reason too — I have a little case that I can clip to my belt, and the Kobo Mini was easily the smallest ereader around until they discontinued it.

      On 11 October 2014 07:18, Bibliophibian Inc. wrote:


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