Review – Avengers Assemble: Science Bros

Cover of Avengers Assemble: Science BrosAvengers Assemble: Science Bros, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Christos Gage, Pete Woods, Stefano Caselli, Tomm Coker

Although it feels a little disconnected — the TPB is a collection of disparate Avengers stories, rather than any kind of continuous story arc — this is a great book. It’s funny till it’s not, serious in the right places, with some great character moments and a great team. Spider-woman and Hulk make a fun pair-up, while I will never get over Captains America and Marvel being friends and drinking kale smoothies for breakfast, or Tony’s sweet pep talk for Bruce while he’s eating caramel and walnut ice cream. The final story involves the Vision, and it surprised me by linking with Young Avengers and having Vision go to meet one of his sons at the end. Also, I thrilled a little to the scene-setting line: “Outside Wiccan and Hulkling’s House”. I hope Vision likes his son’s boyfriend…

I was a little bemused by Clint apparently dating Jessica Drew, but okay. The story with those two and Natasha was pretty cool, though strongly reminiscent of Amazing Spider-man, with the lizard people and all…

The art is really good, too; I don’t actually remember any of the artists’ names from anything else, but the drawings are really clean and clear, the action looks great, the colours are bright and eye-catching without being garish, etc.

This volume is worth it for “Hulllllk, make me a sandwich”, “hippy peanut butter” and the naked walk to the Baxter Building alone. The rest is extra caramel for Bruce’s depressed ice cream breakfast.

Rating: 5/5

4 thoughts on “Review – Avengers Assemble: Science Bros

  1. Spider-Woman and Hulk is the pairing I never knew I needed, and once KSD gave it to me, I wanted more of it. Hulk making Spider-Woman a sandwich was one of the greatest things ever.

      • Yeah, Hawkeye and Spider-Woman started dating in Bendis’ Avengers run. They broke up in Fraction’s Hawkeye run, of course. And I don’t necessarily want Spider-Woman and Hulk as a couple. I love them as buddies.

        • Ohh, right. I can’t remember enough about Fraction’s Hawkeye run so far to remember all his exes and so on. Must reread soon. And yeah, buddies is great too, but they had more chemistry than Hawkeye and Spider-woman seemed to!

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