Stacking the Shelves

Setting this up very much in advance, so goodness knows what it’ll look like by the time I’m done…


Cover of The Unquiet Grave by Katherine Lampe Cover of She Moved Through the Fair by Katherine Lampe Cover of A Maid in Bedlam by Katherine Lampe Cover of The Parting Glass by Katherine Lampe

Yep, someone sent me Smashwords codes for all these. ❤ I’m looking forward to trying them. I actually got them last week, but I didn’t remember in time to include them in that StS post.


Spider-woman #2 Ms Marvel Captain Marvel 50th Anniversary

Oh dear, all three out on the same day now? I got these covers from the Marvel site before the release, hence the lack of text (I think?).


Cover of Ex-Machina: The First Hundred Days Cover of The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss Cover of Planetary vol 1 by Warren Ellis Cover of The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

I love taking part in the Secret Santa on LibraryThing; the person who had me to choose for clearly ‘got’ me as a reader, given how much I love Addison’s The Goblin Emperor. So good to have a dead tree version — and that’s an excuse to reread it, right? Right? …No? Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading the comics, too! I’m not as sure about The Name of the Wind; on the one hand, I’ve been recced it several times, on the other, some people I trust really disliked it. Still, prime excuse to try it!


Cover of The Missing Ink by Philip Hensher

I bought this for my mother a while back, but she hasn’t had chance to read it. (She’s nuts about fountain pens; it seemed perfect.) But I saw this copy today in The Works for £3, and I thought… well, why not? I was meaning to borrow it after Mum anyway.

What’s anyone else been getting?


23 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves

        • Oh yeah, I know a couple of others — I have a feeling Sandy Denny’s done it with Fairport Convention, and Cara Dillon, Jon Boden probably did it during his Folk Song a Day project… I’m enough of a folk fan I’ve probably heard dozens of different versions. It’s just the one I’ve heard most! Here’s Loreena McKennitt.

          • Fairport’s version has to be the most famous outside of trad folk fan circles, though I don’t like it that much, apart from her voice – but I remembered you were a folk fan from a previous convo on Goodreads.

                • I’ve delved back a bit since then I think — Fairport Convention (mostly the Sandy Denny era), Sandy Denny, Maddy Prior… But I do tend to be more aware of the bright young things of folk like Seth Lakeman and Bellowhead. (Though Jon Boden of Bellowhead and his wife Fay Hield do a lot of work with the very traditional stuff as well — Boden’s Folk Song a Day project literally recorded a different folksong every day for a year.)

              • Common phenomenon I think. Certainly the first version I heard is still my favourite and it’s true of various other songs I like that have been widely covered. All About Eve’s recording was that first version and they are responsible for me becoming a fan of proper trad folk (as opposed to folk rock).

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