Review – The Periodic Table

The Periodic TableThe Periodic Table, Eric R. Scerri

I picked this up to help me get to grips a bit more with electron shells, and especially sub-shells, which I need to know for my OU course but are a step further that I learnt back in my GCSE. But really, it focuses more on the history of the periodic table, on the people who developed the most common versions and why it’s useful. There is some explanation of why the periodic table works and why it’s useful, but it didn’t really get me any further toward understanding it. I’m still left with “there are sub-shells because we say so”.

So, useful for background and history, less so for actual chemistry. Onward, I guess!

Rating: 3/5


2 thoughts on “Review – The Periodic Table

  1. Thanks for your brief review of my book. I would be happy to provide further expanations on “why there are shells” etc. if you contact me directly. Please see my website at for my E-mail and further resources on this and related topics.

    Eric Scerri
    Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

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