My Cup of Tea

I think this would be a nice one to go viral: a post in which we celebrate the tropes we love instead of griping about the ones we don’t (which are, no doubt, someone else’s favourites). So thanks to Kaja from Of Dragons and Hearts, here is a post about tropes which are, so to speak, my cup of tea.*

  • The loveable rogue. Locke Lamora, I am looking at you right now, but also looking further back into my reading past: Jimmy the Hand, Crowley from Good Omens, Gaiman’s Marquis de Carabas… And perhaps best of all, though not from books: Captain Malcolm Reynolds.
  • The paladin. Joscelin Verreuil. Captain America.
  • The second son. Faramir. Arutha. Verity Farseer. Josua from The Dragonbone Chair. I don’t know what it is, but I tend to prefer the younger brother.
  • Heists. You have a really clever plan, you say? Morally dubious, you say? As long as it’s fiction, I’m along for the ride.
  • Superheroes. Uh. I’m not sure this even needed to be said. But not just guys like Steve Rogers, who have been altered for it, but the people who make themselves into heroes, too, like Hawkeye.
  • Moral ambiguity. Nobody’s perfect, and while a character who is a total bastard just isn’t fun for me, it’s nice when a character isn’t a total angel.
  • Guilty conscience. Perhaps especially when it’s not really that person’s fault. Like, say Steve Rogers blames himself for Bucky’s death — it’s not really his fault, he’s in no way a bad guy, but the fact that he can believe this makes him that bit more human and believable.
  • Dragons/elves/aliens are nothing like humans. Capricious, commanding, nothing like the regal/wise/enlightened creatures we expect? Interesting!
  • Friends like brothers. “I’m with you till the end of the line.” Gaaah. Gaaaaaah. Or Marcus and Esca, Locke and Jean, Fitz and Nighteyes, Dean and Castiel…
  • Secretly in love. Shut up, I am not a ginormous softie. I’m not!

*I may be British, but I don’t actually like tea. Chamomile tea or fruit teas, maybe. Mostly not.

23 thoughts on “My Cup of Tea

  1. I agree, we should maybe try to talk more about the things we love than the things we don’t. My two cents; arch-enemies who can chat like friends (see Heat or Xavier/Magneto in the X-Men).

  2. This is a great idea!

    I love dragons and elves as well -probably why fantasy is my favorite genre. And a loveable rogue! I adored Locke Lamora and his Gentleman Bastards. And heists, cons and thievery too 😀

    In fact, I pretty much love all of the ones you mentioned…

    Great post!

  3. Heists, heists, heists! Good to see another blogger who loves this trope as much as I do. I’m currently about to start on California Bones by Greg Van Eekhout, which is supposed to be one hell of a heist book. Another fantasy novel with a heist story I really enjoyed is The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes.

  4. I like the choices you’ve made that I know about — Crowley, the Marquis,Faramir, for example. I’m not that much into heists and capers, but I guiltily root for Highsmith’s talented Mr Ripley. As for a damaged character with redeeming features for whom things don’t necessarily go well, I do rate Hester in Philip Reeves’ Mortal Engines series.

  5. Eee 🙂 Thanks for the mention.
    YES to heists! I love a good action plan.
    And “secretly in love” is great as long as it doesn’t end in heartbreak 😦 No, it’s still good even then, sometimes you just need some hurt…

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