Top Ten Tuesday

This week’s theme from The Broke and the Bookish is “top ten book related problems I have”. This is, ahaha, not at all difficult for me.

  1. I had to modify my ereader to fit more books on it. No really, I even made a post to show other people how.
  2. I have over 1,000 books on Mt. TBR. I don’t actually dare count. And that doesn’t really include ARCs and library books.
  3. I don’t have enough shelves. See #2.
  4. Nobody ever knows what books to buy me because I might’ve got them already. Though now I have a wishlist, so there’s no excuse.
  5. I really like lists. This can sometimes get in the way of actually reading the books on said list.
  6. There are some books I daren’t share with my partner in case she hates them. This is rare, but she doesn’t, for example, share my love for Cherie Priest’s Bloodshot and Hellbent, and it makes me pout.
  7. My books are never in the right place. I travel a lot. You know I’m gonna want to read something as soon as I leave it somewhere for a few months.
  8. Why isn’t it out in ebook? I like instant gratification, and ebooks are the easiest way. What do you mean I can’t get most of Patricia McKillip’s books on Kobo?!
  9. Why isn’t it out yet? Impatient!
  10. I preordered it, I was really excited… and a year later, I haven’t got to it yet. Um. Oops.

What’re your problems, guys?

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Sometimes I think my favorite part of reading is collecting books….No, of course that’s not my favorite part…I love to read…but sometimes it seems pretty important.

    Here’s my Top Ten!

  2. Your #1, I have this problem with my Kindle – the last time it had an update available, I kept waiting for my device to download it automatically but it never did. Turns out, I didn’t have enough memory on it for the new update. So I had to choose between books or update!!! Oh decisions decisions.

  3. #4- This was always a problem for me, but now that I have the wishlist no one uses it except when I buy for myself. The list problems-yes. I struggle for a balance here too but it is not too bad.
    Here’s My TTT

  4. I loved Cherie Priest’s Bloodshot! I haven’t read the second one yet coz when I do, it means the series is over and I don’t want it to be!!! I wanted a whole series of those books and it’s NOT FAIR! *sulks*

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