Stacking the Shelves

Hey everyone! I’ve been very good this week, and have nothing really new to report — just an ARC, and some titles from my pull list. I’m impressed by how long I’m keeping up my resolutions this year! How’s everyone else doing?

Review copy

Cover of The Raven's Head by Karen Maitland Cover of The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey

I found the last book a little too predictable in theme, plot and character, so I’m hoping this breaks the mould a little. I have loved Maitland’s books, but I fear she may be stuck in a rut… One more chance, and then I’ll give her books a rest for a while. Still, excited to get the ARC!

Pull list

Cover of Spider-Gwen #1 Thor

Working on a post to go up soon about my pull list, and how people lie when they say there’s no cool female superheroes… (Not, Marvel, that I’m saying there’s enough. Did you seriously put back the date of your Captain Marvel movie for Spider-man? Really? I’ve seen Spider-man. I need you to have the guts to give us a female superhero front and center. Black Widow would work too.)

And just to finish up, here’s a photo of the bunny in total relaxation, since I’m currently staying with her and my partner!

31 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves

  1. I’m pretty happy with progress at the moment. Over the last three weeks I’ve grabbed a lot of books I really wanted to read but for each one I bought I read or abandoned three so the pile keeps reducing and that keeps me happy! Good luck and enjoy your books!

    • Yeaaaah, she’s adorable, and I’m waking up to that nuzzling me awake every morning at the moment! (Or jumping on my face, or bouncing on my bladder, but it’s hard to mind because she’s so cute.)

  2. Spider Gwen and Thor both look interesting, but I’m so disconnected from the weekly comics world that I generally wait for the trade paperback collections and devour a storyline all at once.

    Here’s how I’m Stacking the shelves

    • I’m pretty disconnected too, but I keep a pull list going because I want to encourage the female superheroes. And I did like following the latest Young Avengers run closely, because I couldn’t stand waiting to see if Billy and Teddy made it up…

  3. I have bunny envy…

    A Black Widow movie would be eggzellent!

    I’m not supposed to buy books until Mount TBR drops below 186 books high: I’ve bought two books and Mount TBR is down from 214 to 208.

  4. Oh man, I guess I should start doing reviews, because I read mostly female-led comics and, even though I do pick up a lot, I don’t even read *most* of the ones out there.

    They exist! If some of them sound up your alley, support them! Sheesh, people.

  5. What a cute bunny! She looks so content. 🙂 The Girl at Midnight sounds interesting; the cover really captures my attention. Great haul!


    Also I’m kind of really annoyed about redoing Spider Man FOR THE THIRD TIME when they could do Captain Marvel, um, like…now. Or one of the 2 million other awesome superhero women out there. For goodness sakes why don’t they do Spider Woman? JUST FOR A CHANGE! *growls*

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    • I was reading something about them maybe casting non-white for Spider-man, which would be cool, but… maaaan, I want Carol Danvers. Or, you’re right! Gwen Stacy or Jessica Drew or Anya Corazon oooorrr Cindy Moon.

    • It’s just the cover they had loaded up on Netgalley — I’m not sure what edition it is! I’ve been hopeful about this book for a while, looking forward to it.

  7. I haven’t heard anything about the two books. The Raven’s Head does look ominous.

    Have a great week! Enjoy.

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