Review – The Strange Library

Cover of The Strange Library by Haruki MurakamiThe Strange Library, Haruki Murakami

This book seems more design than story, really. It’s presented beautifully, intriguingly. But I don’t get the story at all (which is not a new thing when it comes to me and Murakami, it’s true). The idea of the library with the weird hidden basement, the starling-girl… the creepiness is interesting, the uncanniness.

But in the end, it’s not much of a story, and that’s what I really read for. I’m not averse to weirdness (hello, Jeff VanderMeer), but Murakami’s weirdness never seems to work for me in the same way. I’m glad I borrowed this and didn’t pay full price.

Rating: 2/5


2 thoughts on “Review – The Strange Library

  1. Awesome review! Thanks so much for sharing. If you’re ever interested in checking out some other awesome reviews (including my own of The Strange Library) be sure to follow! Thanks!!!

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