No Book Buying Challenge: My Secret Sauce

Yes, my puns are terrible, I know. This month’s prompt from the #ShelfLove challenge is about free books: where do you get them from?

I have a feeling that I had a brilliant idea for this list and then forgot it. Ah well: I can always add it later. And now to the general update!

  • 8/51+ already owned books read
  • Spent: £21 out of ~£30 budget (budget is 10% of my income) for January
  • Spent: £20 out of ~£25 budget for February
  • Spent: £12 out of ~£25 budget for March

As for my other resolutions:

  • No books impulse-bought (two marginal; they weren’t on my list, but I was aware of and interested in them before, and I used a voucher)
  • Read every day
  • Bed before midnight… mostly
  • Up before ten every day (now basically up before eight every day and not entirely happy about it)
  • Only bought one book from a series at a time
  • Posted to the blog every day
  • Commented on at least one other blog every day
  • Tithed 10% in January, February and March.
  • Done 27 hours volunteering total
  • Reading/reviewing books from NG/etc… making some slow progress

I now have a couple of challenges and stuff set up on HabitRPG to keep me accountable, too. If I don’t get to 80% feedback on Netgalley by December 31st 2015, I pay an eight gem forfeit to a random person who joined the challenge. (You can find it in the Short-Term Accountability Guild if you’re a HabitRPG fan like me!)


6 thoughts on “No Book Buying Challenge: My Secret Sauce

  1. I’ve been very good about not buying books until I’ve polished some of the ones I already have. Though, my one weakness is ebook deals and audiobooks. I guess digital books are still very hard to resist and the temptation is made worse without an actual physical pile reminding me how big my TBR mountain is.

  2. Great job keeping to your budget and reading some of your shelved books 🙂 I haven’t heard of bookbridgr. Thanks for linking up 🙂

    • It’s a site which gamifies good habits, with various different options for scheduling/recording tasks. I love it, especially because you can collect little animals to display in your avatar!

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