Review – The Carpet Makers

Cover of The Carpet Makers by Andreas EschbachThe Carpet Makers, Andreas Eschbach
Review from August 12th, 2012

This book has to get five stars from me because it’s the first book in quite a while that I would’ve stayed up late into the night to finish, even if I was exhausted. From the first chapter, it weaves a compelling mystery and builds a whole new world. The writing itself is beautiful; the translation is excellent, with no sense of a gap between me and the text, which I often do get with translations. I think I’m going to have to parcel it up and send it on a round of my friends to read.

I’m not actually saying it’s flawless. The structure, however, keeps it strong: each chapter is a self-contained story, which adds a link in the chain to eventually get to the heart of the mystery. But once I got there, after all that build-up, it felt unsatisfying — but that didn’t take away from the power and mystery of the rest of the book. And the epilogue was another strong link in the chain, a perfect way to finish the story.

Usually, I’m interested in characters, in any given book. That’s not the case here, and I didn’t even feel a lack because of it. It’s a totally bewildering, bewitching book.

Rating: 5/5


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