Review – Otter Country

Cover of Otter Country by Miriam DarlingtonOtter Country, Miriam Darlington

Otter Country is really a personal account of an obsession with otters, like H is for Hawk or Crow CountryIn many ways, it’s more about Darlington than it is about otters, though her eyes are open to the significance of otters in their own environment, to their struggles and their slow recovery over recent years. I felt a little left out, since I haven’t read Ring of Bright Water — which I know we have in the local library, as it survived our last cull, so I’ll probably give it a go when I get the chance.

There are some beautiful descriptions, etc, but sometimes I found myself rolling my eyes rather at the ideas Darlington took into her head, like that it would be a good idea to take her clothes off and jump into the burn during midge season.

Rating: 2/5

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