Stacking the Shelves

A smallish haul this week — my last hurrah in Canada, at West Edmonton Mall. Boooooks!

Cover of Adaptation by Malinda Lo Cover of Inheritance by Malinda Lo Cover of City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett

I had Adaptation and City of Stairs as eARCs once upon a time, but I’m still in a phase of wanting to read all my books in dead tree. So, tahdah.

I’m travelling back to Wales today, so I might be slow to comment, but I’m excited to see everyone’s hauls. What’ve you been getting? Tell me, link me, tweet me — whatever you like! I wanna know.


14 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves

  1. I know what it’s like to want to read them in dead tree. There are a few books (especially epic fantasy doorstoppers) that I’ve had to be patient with, ignore the allure of the e-ARC, and wait until I could hold it in my hand.

    City of Stairs was fantastic, by the way,

    • I don’t know why I always want to read dead tree at the moment — sometimes it’s the opposite! So frustrating, heh.

      So I’ve heard! I’m excited about that one.

  2. City of Stairs looks like an interesting fantasy book. I hope you love all of the books you got this week.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  3. Those look like interesting books. I’ve given up on books printed on paper. I’ll borrow them from the library and give them as gifts, but I just don’t have room for them in my house. I’m still downsizing the 2000+ volumes filling my bookshelves.

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