Review – Captain Marvel: Stay Fly

Captain Marvel: Stay FlyCaptain Marvel: Stay Fly, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Marcio Takara, David Lopez

If you’re not a fan of Captain Marvel, this issue probably isn’t going to make you into one. The three storylines are relatively light, though there is some sweet stuff — parts where Spider-woman, Rhodey, Kit, Tic and Chewie all appear. One of the storylines focuses on Chewie, in fact, with Rocket Raccoon along for the ride. There’s also a nice bit with Tracy, continuing the theme of her relationship with Carol.

A lot of this is funny/silly, and I love Takara’s art style. But it’s not any kind of gamechanger for Captain Marvel or Kelly Sue’s writing. It’s just fun.

I still think Carol/Rhodey is genius.

Rating: 3/5


2 thoughts on “Review – Captain Marvel: Stay Fly

  1. These issues, and the final issue, are easily my favourite of the run. The stories are fun and light and silly. The Chewie issues were fairly cute – not the best but of the series, but still pretty fun. The rock opera issue was glorious. The letters from home issue was amazing. And the Christmas issue was awesome.

    These are the funnest issues of the whole series. And then the final issue of the series made me cry. But you haven’t reached that yet.

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