ARC August Update

Sooo back in July, I said I was going to take part in ARC August again, and posted about it here. How am I doing? Well… not that well, honestly.


  • One-Eyed Jack, Elizabeth Bear.
  • The Hollow Crown, Dan Jones.
  • Sorcerer to the Crown, Zen Cho.
  • The Galaxy Game, Karen Lord.

So yeah, I have plenty left to read.

Hoping to read: 

  • Fair Game Fair Play, Josh Lanyon. I didn’t have the first book as an ARC, but obviously I want to read it first.
  • The Philosopher Kings, Jo Walton.
  • Seven Forges, James A. Moore. No seriously, it’s about time.
  • California Bones & Pacific Fire, Greg Van Eekhout. Again, the first book wasn’t an ARC but I need to read it first.
  • Of Bone and Thunder, Chris Evans.

I think that’s quite ambitious enough, especially since I have a whole bunch of other books I want to finish by the end of August too. Crossing fingers!

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