Review – Bookburners: Badge, Book and Candle

Cover of Badge, Book and Candle by Max GladstoneBookburners: Badge, Book and Candle, Max Gladstone
Received to review via Netgalley

I like the idea of this serialised novel business; I’ll be checking it out again when Ellen Kushner’s Tremontaine world gets a serialised outing. But Bookburners didn’t really grab me; it doesn’t help that the file that ended up on my Kindle was a mess, of course, with the formatting all over the place, but there was nothing special about the style or set-up, as far as I was concerned. It’s a fairly typical urban fantasy opening, and there’s just not enough to hook me and keep me following it through the serial format.

It’s cool that this isn’t a damsel in distress or ‘fridged’ woman plot, that the victim and motivating factor is in fact a female cop’s brother. And there were some pretty cool details about the world-building, like the idea that demons (essentially) can get into you through anything that links one person to another, like a book. But… not convinced to subscribe and follow this particular story.

Rating: 2/5

5 thoughts on “Review – Bookburners: Badge, Book and Candle

    • Trope in general! The TV show Supernatural demonstrates it especially well — a mother and a girlfriend die in the first episode, which basically motivates the boys and their dad through all eleventy seasons.

      • Hold on – I mis-read that as “frigid” which is entirely different! Yeah, OK, dead/missing women have motivated more plots than I care to think about…

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