Top Ten Tuesday

This week’s prompt from The Broke and the Bookish is “10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me”.


  1. Auto-approval on Netgalley for everything. Especially Tor.
  2. Budget and unlimited space at local community library. Please?
  3. Free publicity for the above. We need more readers.
  4. A TARDIS for personal book storage. This one’s obvious if you know me at all… and hey, I could use it to travel to my partner’s and take all my stuff!
  5. Digital and print copies in the same purchase. Wouldn’t bundles like this make life so much easier?
  6. Time spent reading pauses “real life”. Then I could get soooo much more done.
  7. More library cards. And more libraries, come to that.
  8. A conversation with Mori from Among Others, when she’s 26. Seems like it might, you know, be relevant to me.
  9. Ability to slap some characters and say no don’t do thatFitzChivalry Farseer, I’m looking at you.
  10. The ability to read some books for the first time… again. ’nuff said, right? Some books, you just wish you could come to them fresh again.

I could probably keep going for a while on this topic…


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I’ve read authors saying that all paper books should come with the e-book free.
    A TARDIS would solve many problems!

    • Yep! I genuinely had the thought, “I don’t want to move out of Cardiff — then I won’t be able to use the libraries”, when thinking about going to live with my partner!

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