Review – Timeless

Cover of Timeless by Gail CarrigerTimeless, Gail Carriger

If you’re enjoying the series, then this is basically more of the same sort of tone and plot, relationships, etc. There are a couple of nice developments — Biffy and Lyall’s relationship is particularly nice, and if you’re a fan of happily ever afters, then Conall and Alexia have a solution to something that was a problem, mostly unspoken, from the beginning. It ties up a lot of plot threads, including stuff about the God Breaker plague, Floote’s mysteriousness, and Alexia’s father.

Plenty of drama drama, silly nicknames and sex-positivity, and general silliness. I’m glad to have finished the series, but I’m a bit reluctant to jump into Prudence… The silliness has always been a touch beyond my interest, and I’ve heard other critical things about it. We’ll see. I do own it, so I might as well try!

Rating: 3/5


9 thoughts on “Review – Timeless

  1. I bought these as a cheap set (on sale no less!) so I felt compelled to read them, even as they went down hill a little. I definitely was disappointed in the YA set, but Prudence was okay? it was much better than the last couple of Parasol Protectorate books, that’s for sure.

    …I haven’t felt compelled to check the rest of them out anyway, and I’m a completion, so not *that* good.

  2. Silly level was a little bit much for me too. I liked the first and then gradually lost interest as the series continued.

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