Review – Creative Colouring for Grown-Ups: Japanese Patterns

Creative Colouring for Grown-Ups: Japanese PatternsCreative Colouring for Grown-Ups: Japanese Patterns, Various Authors

I think the Creative Colouring for Grown-Ups range are probably my favourite adult colouring books. They have a ton of designs in them, the paper quality is good (though each page is double-sided, so you have to be careful with anything that might bleed through), and there’s a good combination of finicky detail and bits you can just fill up with colour. (The latter is important for me, being an impatient thing.) There’s plenty of variation in the designs, and they all look good with nice bold felt-tip work. Which is good, because meticulous shading and blending is beyond me.

The patterns themselves… well, some of them don’t strike me as particularly Japanese, but there are some motifs like cranes that wing their way through the book.

Rating: 5/5


4 thoughts on “Review – Creative Colouring for Grown-Ups: Japanese Patterns

  1. I’ve been obsessed with coloring lately and I’m constantly looking for new coloring books to check out. I think I’ll have to pick a copy of this one up!

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