Review – The Dark Blood of Poppies

Cover of The Dark Blood of Poppies by Freda WarringtonThe Dark Blood of Poppies, Freda Warrington

However sceptical I am about the whole lush dark vampires thing, these books do captivate me. I love the way the mythology works: the way different people believe different things, and ultimately the way those beliefs shape the whole world. It’s not even really allegory — we really do that, in a way. I wasn’t so sure about her foray into Lilith and Samael and that sort of mythology, but actually, she handles that pretty well too, without forcing religiosity on the books. (In fact, that’s often a danger with her characters, something which blinds them to truth.)

And Warrington still does really well with these amoral, dreadful, detached and yet deeply emotional vampires. She does so well at making me see the monstrous in even the characters we sympathise with, and the human even in characters you want to despise. You get captivated by the power of the vampires and forget their atrocities, even without their magnetic presence to enforce it the way it is within the book. It takes skill.

I really enjoy Warrington’s writing, and really must look into her other series. But first: The Dark Arts of Blood! I’m so glad Titan reissued this series and brought out the next.

Rating: 4/5


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