Shelfie Hop!

Hello everyone! Today I’m participating in the Shelfie Hop organised by Bookiemoji and My Friends Are Fiction. Turns out there’s quite a lot of us and you can visit everyone using this list!


At the moment, my shelves are woefully unorganised/separated, so I can’t really proudly share a photo of all of them. But I do have a photo of my current library “shelf” and, well, it… might amuse.

Photo of my library shelf/stack/avalanche

That’s not even all of them. /covers self in shame


14 thoughts on “Shelfie Hop!

  1. Wow, do you belong to several libraries? I know our libraries don’t let you check out that many books at once – I think there’s a limit at 10 or something… 🙂

  2. I just have to take a moment and tell you it was the Spirited Away photo in the background that stole my attention here. Loved that movie.

    If I came home with that many books from the library, I might find the locks have been changed in my absence. XD

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