Dear bloglings

The Bibliophibian has fledged! Or… some equivalent word more suitable to an amphibian-sounding-thing.

If you still want to follow my blog, you’re going to need to go to the new site on BREATHESBOOKS.COM and resubscribe. There’s a couple of options there including a bloglovin’ button, so I hope you’re willing to follow me there and join me in pastures new! If not, thank you for coming this far with me.

If it helps, I’m running a giveaway on the new site here!


7 thoughts on “Dear bloglings

  1. Congrats! I’d subscribe on Bloglovin’, but there’s a little error with the widget…I’ll miss seeing book updates on my WP feed!

    Also, hatched? Don’t amphibians hatch? Or metamorphosed? Fledged sounds cool-er…Hehe, inner scientist coming out. 😛

    • Oh dear, do you know what the error is? Maybe I can fix it? But there is an option to subscribe by email, too!

      I feel like Bibliophibian had already hatched! Now it’s just gone one step further…

      • Hmm…from my experience with my own WP blog, the text from Bloglovin isn’t entirely compatible with WP…but with a different site, I don’t know.

        Well…since I already get your GR updates in my email, I don’t think I *quite* need that many new book updates…it’s a little too tempting, ya’ know?

        Therefore, metamorphosed is nice, after hatching, correct?

    • Hmm, it could be a caching issue — the DNS changes were made less than 24 hours ago and I think that’s how long some ISPs cache for. I had that issue earlier on my phone’s network. If clearing your local cache doesn’t work, try waiting till tomorrow and letting me know if there’s still an issue then?

      • Okay, I will report back tomorrow. I can now get to it on google’s cache, but when I click to actually go there it doesn’t work, which, *sigh,* oh how I do love AT&T.

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